Tube Traffic Academy

  • Bonus 1: Channel Optimisation Blueprint

    Set up your YouTube Channel properly so YouTube knows EXACTLY where your content should go. Even if you have a live channel, put this to work for you so you can boost your videos efforts by having your channel set up correctly.

  • Bonus 2: Video Title Cheat Sheet

    Use the exact script I use on my videos and that I give to my clients to get millions of views on their videos. This simple but precise script is what YouTube is looking for that keeps your audience engaged throughout.

  • Bonus 3: Thumbnail Templates

    Skyrocket your YouTube video Click Through Rate with these Thumbnail templates. These are the layouts we use on our videos that get consistently high click throughs which is one of the main metrics YouTube is looking for today.


You have a full 30-day trial period. If you put this training to work for you, you've followed it throughout, and you're not don't get any results, we'll refund your money in full.


We respect your privacy, so your data will never be sold or disclosed.



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